Work work work


The never ending saga that is this house.

The plumbing. I think that it was put into the house as an after thought using whatever scraps were lying around. The plumbing is where the downstairs issues began.

The kitchen was painted and beautiful. We had chosen a cream color with a bright yellow strip all the way around the center, well, in fairness I talked the Man into it. Details details. We had replaced everything in kitchen. Not because we wanted to, our intention was only to clean it and paint it, but as soon as we began moving things they fell apart – literally – and there we were in Home Depot at 9 o’clock in the evening looking for a counter base.

Anyway. One day I noticed what looked like a bubble in the paint on the ceiling, and me being me I poked my finger into it! Damn damn damn.

Okay, I can’t kick myself over this too much. It was bound to happen and I’m glad I didn’t leave it because it exposed a big BIG problem. That problem was the the damn plumbing from the tub and toilet (which, incidentally, runs right over the kitchen) was all backed up and broken.

The problem is that our landlord is  a relative  which means that to date it has not been fixed. So once a week I have to go out and spray any “material” down the sewage pipe to make sure that it doesn’t plug up again.

Fun Fun! Today my landlord is calling plumbers. I am remaining optimistic.

The wall was fixed in the hallway today, once it is dry I will sand and paint and all that good stuff! Yay! I am really looking forward to having at least that part of it complete.



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