A rant to the doctor: Would you?


Dear Doctor “I’m sorry, what’s your name”

If I had been a man would you have been so quick to blow me off? If I were not female would you have taken another moment to listen to my concerns and realize that I am not stupid about my health? If I had a set of balls would you have believed me when I told you that the over the counter supplements that I take were the result of hours, days, months of research on my part to treat this disease that should have killed me by now? If I were Indian, like you, would it have made a difference? If I were male, like you, would you have listened?

Do you, in all of your vast education, believe that nothing is better than a chemical treatment, another pill, a little bit of death in a prescription? Do you believe there is no other way?

Can you realize that I am throughly convinced, not by feelings but by the research I have done and the results I live, that the supplements you tell me to stop taking are what has kept me alive and well all these years?

I look at other women with this disease. Women who have been on prescribed medications. Have you seen them? Do you honestly believe that they look “healthy”?

LISTEN TO ME! I know my body better than anyone. I know my mind better than anyone! I KNOW what I am taking, and what it is doing for me. LISTEN! I know that you think I am an idiot, I can tell but the way you talk to me. The way you dismissed me. The way you shut me down before we could start a dialogue about MY health.

I am just trying to decide if that is because I am female or because you are an asshole.


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